Office Automation And Governance (On 2021)

Cakra Nusantara Aviation Vocational School opens the opportunity to bring International school for the Office Automation and Governance department or OTKP. What is the OTKP major? Here's the explanation.

Office automation and governance are all types of activities related to offices ranging from recording, administration, communication, archiving, etc. to the use of technology so as to improve the process of carrying out work in the office and increase productivity and expertise in the office sector. To be more sure, here are Reasons to Choose OTKP (Automation & Office Management) Department.

OTKP stands for Office Automation and Governance. This department is another name for the office administration department. Why do you have to enter the OTKP department? There are many answers to the reasons for choosing this OTKP major. The following are the reasons for choosing this department at SMK.

  1. Good Job Prospects

First, the job prospects are good. OTKP graduates can have careers as company secretaries or admin staff. You certainly know that these two types of work are needed in various types of industries.

  1. Accustomed to appearing neat

If you enter this major, you will get used to looking neat. You will get used to paying attention to your appearance. This is a good provision to enter the professional world after graduating.

  1. Can Operate Computer

You will be able to operate a computer well, especially office applications. The more often you use this office application, the more proficient you will become.

  1. Expert in Correspondence

You will have expertise in correspondence. This is an area of ​​OTKP majors, from writing correct letters to putting together good grammar in letters.

  1. Trained with a foreign language

Students majoring in OTKP will be taught foreign languages ​​as a preparation for entering the world of work later. Not only English, there are many schools with OTKP majors that also teach other foreign languages, such as Mandarin and French.

  1. Archivist

The reason for choosing the next OTKP major is that you will become an expert in archiving. You will learn to organize archives according to their categories so that they are neat and easy to find.

  1. Learn to Manage Finances

You will also be taught basic accounting so you can take care of finances. This also relates to the duties of an admin who often has to make simple financial reports.

  1. Learn Table Manner

Another interesting thing is that you learn table manner. That way, you can know the rules that must be obeyed at official banquets.

  1. Relaxing And Fun Learning

Finally, the learning process in this department is classified as relaxing and fun. No wonder so many choose to enter this department.

The reasons above certainly encourage you to enter this department, right? OTKP Department also has promising opportunities and prospects for the future. Job Opportunities or Prospects for OTKP ( Office Management and Automation ) will be described in detail. The following are some of the job prospects for SMK OTKP majors:

  1. Secretary

First, secretary. You can go through a career as a secretary in a company. His job is to take care of all matters relating to the company, including managing the supervisor's schedule.

  1. Assistant Secretary

Second, the assistant secretary. If you are just graduating and looking for a stepping stone, you can become an assistant secretary. You will help with the main secretary's duties in these four.

  1. Finance Admin Staff

Third, the financial admin staff. While in school, you will get a little knowledge about the basics of accounting. You can make this provision for a career as a financial admin staff.

  1. Personnel Staff

The fourth OTKP job opportunity or prospect is personnel staff. One of its duties is to compile an employee attendance list. You will also deal with the recruitment process at your place of work.

  1. Administration Staff

Fifth, administrative staff. You can enter the world of education by becoming an administrative staff. Not only in the world of education, TU staff are also needed in other sectors, such as banking.

  1. Account executive

Sixth, account executive. Have you ever heard of this one career prospect? His job is to deal with clients. Since you are used to being well-groomed and accustomed to structured language, this task is certainly not a difficult task for you.

  1. Marketing Staff

Seventh, being a marketing staff. Even though you majored in OTKP, ​​you could have a career in the marketing world. The knowledge that you get during your OTKP education can be very useful in the marketing field.

  1. Personal Assistant

The next OTKP job opportunity or prospect is a personal assistant. His job is almost the same as that of a private secretary. You will manage all the schedule and other important things related to the person who is your boss.

  1. Receptionist

Ninth, the receptionist. If you are interested, you can become a receptionist or front office staff. You need to have an attractive and neat appearance.

  1. Librarian

Finally, the librarian. The archiving knowledge that you have acquired will be of great use here. You will organize the books according to their categories. If you like books, you can make this your future career.

By joining the international class and majoring in OTKP, ​​it will add to your insight and surely after graduating it will make you ready to compete in the world of work in the future.